Oracle buys Sun, another one for the collection

Oracle buys Sun, and another one for the collection

The blogreaders keep popping up with the blogs about the new acquisition of Oracle.
Lately Oracle already bought BEA, and from this acquisition the new stack isn’t even ready yet.
A lot of new products, overlapping eachother so Oracle will need to decide what products will go on on development, and what will parts will flow away.


  • Oracle Jdeveloper
  • Eclipse
  • Netbeans


  • Sun JDK
  • JRocket

Application Server

  • Oracle AS/OC4J (already replaced)
  • BEA Weblogic
  • Sun Glassfish

SOA Integration

  • Oracle SOA Suite
  • Open ESB


  • Oracle DB
  • MySQL


  • Oracle SSO
  • OpenSSO


  • Sun Portal Server
  • Oracle Portal
  • BEa Portal Server


  • Oracle Internet Directory
  • OpenDS

The list isn’t completed but it will just give a short overview, i will add more compairs later.

I think in most situations Oracle will keep supporting the several versions of the products in the stacks.
After the BEA acquisition we already had a few products in the stack with overlap, but if we compair BEA and Oracle they both had a set of ‘closed/propriatery’ products/functionality.
The portfolio of Sun is mostly based (for as far i know) on open source products with a really big community behind it. I don’t think Oracle would spoil this big part of the market and on they other site would replace every ‘closed product’ with a open source variant of the Sun stack.
So i think it will be on the one site a mix of Oracle/BEA products and on the other site the portfolio for the Sun portfolio (open source).

Besides just filling in a new portfolio (again) of the overall stack of Oracle, i think they will even more invest and support the open source community.

Good to see some can still enjoy a bit of humor!