Book review : Processing XML Documents with JDeveloper 11g

Processing XML Documents with JDeveloper 11g

A while back i got asked by Packt to do a review on the book “Processing XML Documents with JDeveloper 11g”.
With me, some other con colleagues, so googling a bit will give you a good impression what others think about it.

The first impression which i have based on the my reading experience from the other Pack books, is that the books are easy too read and you won’t get overwhelmed with massive amounts of information.
But just enough overview about the subject to get you starting and play with the matery.

Personally, i like it when books explain the theory and besides that gives examples (code) to show me the howto things. This book i just like that, although at some points the the amount of code will get quiet big.
Although documentating large pars of code isn’t always that easy, the author tries to explain most of it in a good way.
For my own use i would google to get my hands on the code, and don’t use a book for this.

The books starts right away with samples and diving into the different apis. So a bit of background experience is adviced for the easy reading.

When reading books but also other resources like tutorials or blogs i like it when the example give me step by step instructions on how to get the examples up and running.
I want them to show me what wizzards i need to use, what settings i need to set and it would be great to show the screengrabs with it. The author explained all this real good. Besides that the book is based on the current version of the ide (Jdeveloper), no need to match possible changes in different versions of the ide.

The title is a bit misleading. Since most parts in the book are just about he usage of the different frameworks and techniques, they don’t really (just) apply to JDeveloper. Although it’s really nice have step-by-step overview of how to create the things in this ide. All the aspects a developer needs to know about when dealing with xml are discussed in the book. Aspects like parsing/creating xml (different apis), xml schema, xml schema validation, xpath, xslt, etc, all are getting discussed.
Besides those a few less ordinaire chapters like ‘JSTL XML’,’Converting XML to PDF’, ‘Converting XML to MS Excel’,’Storing XML in Oracle Berkeley DB XML’ and ‘Oracle XML Publisher’ will come by.
Still a subjects (a few) which came by on the average projects we do for customers, so always nice to have some background information on these.


The book fulfilled the expectations i had before i started reading it, based on the other books i read from Packt.
Easy to read, good examples, and a good resource for trying out and get some hands-on experience.

Book details


  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Creating and Parsing an XML Document
  • Chapter 2: Creating an XML Schema
  • Chapter 3: XML Schema Validation
  • Chapter 4: XPath
  • Chapter 5: Transforming XML with XSLT
  • Chapter 6: JSTL XML Tag Library
  • Chapter 7: Loading and Saving XML with DOM 3.0 LS
  • Chapter 8: Validating an XML Document with DOM 3 Validation
  • Chapter 9: JAXB 2.0
  • Chapter 10: Comparing XML Documents
  • Chapter 11: Converting XML to PDF
  • Chapter 12: Converting XML to MS Excel
  • Chapter 13: Storing XML in Oracle Berkeley DB XML
  • Chapter 14: Oracle XML Publisher

You can order the book at Packt or Amazon

Thanks Packt for letting me do the review, and i’m looking forward for the next one!


About Eric Elzinga
Eric Elzinga I'm an integration consultant located in The Netherlands. Mainly doing projects based on Oracle integration stacks (Oracle SOA Suite/Oracle Service Bus (OSB)), Java development, and opensource integration products.

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