Oracle Fusion 11g, my first impressions

Last i finished the last day of the 3day Oracle Fusion 11g workshop.
And i must say…i’m pretty impressed by the new stack Oracle presented.

For development during the workshop i used my own vmware of fusion 11g on Centos.
And it’s a real killer when all components of the suite are up and running, my laptop had a tuff time.

During the workshop we used the famous ‘Order processing’ tutorial to get in touch with the components of the fusion 11g.
A short overview of what we have been discussing and developing

  • SCA Components wiring bpel and human tasks together and exposing them as soap services
  • Using the mediator for transformation between the SCA components
  • Orchestrating a few bpels to execute human tasks and update payload
  • Adding Business Rules
  • Handling Business Events using EDN
  • Creating BAM dashboards and using BAM adapter/sensors to push data
  • Integration with Oracle B2B
  • Virtualize services on Oracle Service Bus (OSB)
  • Web services policy enforcement
  • Managing the lifecycle of a SOA composite application
  • Unit Testing
  • New Fault Handling framework (mediator and bpel)
  • Using Service Data Objects (SDO)

My first thoughts

SCA modelings looks good, composite application development in JDeveloper works like a charm.
Business rules development got new gui, way better then the old one.
BAM dashboards look really good, customers will love those.
EDN framework, event based architectures, nice!
ADF BPEL Worklist, finally an easy way to design your own worklist gui.
Mediator is the old OESB, now it’s used for the wire in the composite applications and subscription on events
New console looks good, all integrated and good support for End 2 End tracking
Fault Policy framework from now works for both BPEL and Mediator

A few impressions

To find out about all the other new functionality, install it and go play with it!


About Eric Elzinga
Eric Elzinga I'm an integration consultant located in The Netherlands. Mainly doing projects based on Oracle integration stacks (Oracle SOA Suite/Oracle Service Bus (OSB)), Java development, and opensource integration products.

6 Responses to Oracle Fusion 11g, my first impressions

  1. Alessandro Ilardo says:

    I am going trough the book you suggested, Dev guide; and I came across the OSB that surprisingly is not shipped (not yet ready) on the 11g.

    Perhaps I haven’t got the all picture, but I cannot figure out how the SOA Suite 11g would be complete without that component.
    On the forum I have been suggested to install the 10gR3 while waiting for the 11g release. Do we really need this?

  2. Eric Elzinga says:

    That’s true. It not part of the soa suite …yet. It depends on your architecture whether or not you need and want to implement the OSB. You can do a lot in this new bus, and but this functionality is also available in for example bpel if you need some process orchestration and modeling. So maybe it good a practice for you what the real needs are and what the best location is to implement that logica. Use the OSB for his own strengths and do the same for the other components of the soa suite. Like that you will see they complement eachother. Hope i made it a bit more clear for you.

  3. Rich Naszcyniec says:

    OSB is part of SOA suite despite not being a true 11g release. For that matter, neither is WebLogic. Also nice to know that will SOA Suite 11g you no longer get the application server for free.

    Open up the wallet folks if you really want to use Oracle SOA technology bugs and all.

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  5. Pierluigi Vernetto says:

    I am enjoying the versatility of JDeveloper, and the elegance of the dev environment.
    yet I feel that the integration of Java should be enhanced.
    You can include Java Callouts in Mediator, but payload manipulation is still quite cumbersome (give me the nice Groovy XMLBuilder…..)

    In BPEL you can embed Java scriptlets (thank you!), but here again I would never code Java scriptlets, I want to write Java classes the old way…. ok nothing prevents you from coding Java classes and invoking them from BPEL, so no issue here.

    Oracle Business Rules suffers from NO integration whatsoever with Java – unless I am totally wrong, which happens quite often.
    This can be a issue with customers which have plenty of legacy Java code and want to reuse it in a SOA Suite application without having to recode everything in some fancy new language known only by 50 people on this planet.

    So, Oracle, please heed my call, PLEASE MORE JAVA! Or Groovy, even better!

  6. Kiran says:

    Guys, can you please let me know where can we find Order Booking tutorial for 11g

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