Jumpstart for Oracle Service Bus Development

The article which i wrote together with Ronald van Luttikhuizen is posted on the OTN site.
My first one for OTN and i’m proud of it.
If you still have any questions about it or other related subjects, i will be happy to help you.

link :

Jumpstart for Oracle Service Bus Development


About Eric Elzinga
Eric Elzinga I'm an integration consultant located in The Netherlands. Mainly doing projects based on Oracle integration stacks (Oracle SOA Suite/Oracle Service Bus (OSB)), Java development, and opensource integration products.

17 Responses to Jumpstart for Oracle Service Bus Development

  1. las trinh says:

    Hi Eric,
    on page 2:

    2. Unzip the resources archive to your workspace directory.

    Where can I download the resources (or sample project: KlantWebService, KlantWebServiceEAR, MailClient, OrderWebService, and OrderWebServiceEAR)?


  2. Eric Elzinga says:

    It looks like they missed the solutions and resources files.
    We informed them about this.

    If you want them a bit earlier then that, leave your email so i can mail the files.

  3. las trinh says:

    Would you please send files to my gmail:



  4. Eric Elzinga says:

    The resources archive is in your mailbox!

  5. Niko says:

    Good article on OTN!
    But your tutorials are based on Oracle Workshop. I heard, that Workshop is deprecated and form 11g on, all Development should be done in JDeveloper.
    What can you say on this?

    – Niko

  6. Eric Elzinga says:

    Well there are plans to migrate all the development to JDeveloper indeed. But for the current version that’s still not there. The article was based on the 10g version. But you’re right, they want put the workshop functionality in jdeveloper.

    When OSB 11g is there we will know more about that

  7. Dom says:

    I am trying out the tutorial but when I try to deploy the first EAR file Workshop complains saying a J2EE application must have at least 1 module (it doesn’;t like the application.xml file). Are the resources complete on OTN ? If not, please can you email me the correct ones. thanks

  8. Dom says:

    i fixed the above problem by dragging and dropping the relevant project inside the EAR project – Workshop then creates an entry for the WAR file.


  9. Scott says:

    When createing the business service in tutorial 1, I end up with KlantWebServceBS forming “a cyclic reference” – this seems to be caused by the klant and klantWebService xsd’s import statements. How do I resolve this issue?

    • Eric Elzinga says:

      It’s just a warning, so you don’t really need to change anything.
      Otherwise the we need indeed move some of the xsd definitions to other locations…but the current situation will work

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  11. This looks like a great jumpstart, but I’m stuck. I import the ears into the domain, but Weblogic is indicating no webservices under the KlantWebServiceEAR deployment – KlantWebService only appears under Modules, and the WSDL seems to therefore not be ava

  12. SanSharma says:

    i am facing the same issue, the ear is deployed but the webservice is missing.

  13. Chitra says:

    Please provide Oracle service bus tutorial to this mail id chitra.indra04@gmail.com

  14. Aryan says:

    Hi Eric,

    I m new on OSB area and doing the hands on like jump start. can u plz provide me the perfect resource pack in the below mail id so that I can go ahead and continue the hands on

    mail id : aranyakdatta007@gmail.com

    Thanks and Regards

  15. Jothi says:

    Can you please provide Some OSB projects which fetch data from table and put it to FTP based on only one condition.

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