Application Integration based on Open Source (FUSE)

Last week i attended a seminar on “Application Integration based on Open Source (FUSE) ” organized by Progress Software and Flusso.

The FUSE brand is based on a set of leading projects from the Apache Software Foundation.
They include products like FUSE ESB (based on Apache ServiceMix),
FUSE Message Broker (based on Apache ActiveMQ),
FUSE Services Framework (based on Apache CXF)
and FUSE Mediation Router (based on Apache Camel).

Besides these products they deliver a plugin for Eclipse for implementing patterns (FUSE Integration Designer).
For managing and monitoring the FUSE based infrastructures you can make use of the FUSE HQ, which is part of the support subscription.

On the blog of one of the FUSE employees i just read they also provide online free virtual trainingen for Apache ServiceMix and Camel.

The agenda for the day

  • Enterprise Messaging with ActiveMQ by Rob Davies
  • OpenWire, Stomp or AMQP by Frank Staijen
  • Introduction to OSGi by Marcel Offermans
  • ServiceMix 4: Integrating OSGi and JBI by Gert Vanthienen
  • Apache Foundation history by Dirk-Willem van Gulik
  • Enterprise Integration Patterns with Apache Camel by James Strachan

Some keywords for me to look at :

  • OpenWire
  • Stomp
  • Camel Rest
  • cachedb
  • osgi/apache felix
  • apache ace
  • apache service mix/apache felix karaf/service mix nmr/service mix jbi
  • apache camel/bam support/camel mock

It was a nice day with some good introductions on the different products. FUSE delivers a nice stack of products for supporting integration solutions. Besides the stacks like Oracle SOA Suite and Oracle/SUN Open ESB/Glassfish ESB, FUSE got good potentional to deliver strenghts on integrations projects. Besides widely used open source software, support from a big community they will give their own support to the customer.

And a nice quote by one of the speakers
The latest is the greatest, as long as i don’t need to demo it!

download the presentation over here.


Mule IDE 2.0 RC1

I’m currently working on a proof of concept for testing the mule esb for a local goverment.
It’s a nice case to become familiar with a new esb since i mostly did my development on the Oracle ESB/ALSB.
Good too see some differences in concepts/techniques and connectivity and what the open source world has to offer for service busses.
Though the gives me some nice documentation/examples, i was still missing a good ide for development (though most can be done with some simple editor), i still like auto-complete in xml etc.

I already noticed Mule-IDE, but this version wasnt really actively updated, till i noticed a new update on this blog today. Though you can get most work done by running some mule maven archetype and eclipse for the editting of the xml/java, i’m still curious if the ide gives some extra functionality.


Will check it out to see if it’s usefull for my mule development.